1/4 Gastro 60

Volume1500 ml
Length260 mm
Width160 mm
Height60 mm


Black / white / transparant / crystal-clear
(other colors on request)


Combisteamer / contact heat / regenerate /
magnetron / au bain Marie
Processing temperature-40°C to 120°C


Arranged for IMLYes


Health Care, Foodservice, Retail, Industrie, Food, Kitchen, Horeca, Catering

Gastro food packaging

Are you looking for the right food packaging for commercial use? Our Gastro series has been specially developed with industrial food applications in mind. Gastro food packaging represents convenience, speed, hygiene and extended shelf life. Available in standard Gastro dimensions used throughout Europe.

Advantages briefly:
• Fits all steel Gastro trays, displays, racks and trolleys
• Fully consistent in shape and size, easy to automatically destack and denest
• Shelf life of products is increased by consistent thickness
• Ideally suited to flash- and deep freezing
• Can be heated in various ways (bain-marie method, oven, microwave oven, etc.)

Gastro food packaging is ideal for:
• Automated processing
• Industrial food packaging
• Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
• Large-scale catering- and retail applications
• Large-scale kitchens and care institutions

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