Old Dutch milk churn

Unique is the packaging of the farmers yogurt. The original designed milk churn contains the farmers yoghurt and the accompanying sauce.

The sauce is independent of the yogurt packaged so that each one to your own taste and need the sauce to the yogurt can add. The milk churn also stands for the freshness of the own milk, manufactured to this new, beautiful dairy product. 

A selection of our packages
Mz 10/50
MZ-C meal dishes
Volume: 1600 ml
1/4 Gastro 60
Gastro food packaging
Volume: 1500 ml
MW meal dishes
Volume: 180 / 250 / 400 ml
Dome lid 80x80 cup
Other packaging
Volume: 80 ml
Ba 3 compartment plate
Bon Appétit packaging range
Volume: 480 / 550 / 350 ml
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Unique & Contemporary

 To the recognisability of the packaging to increase this customer has chosen to emphasize their additional logo.
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