In the morning, look outside and the weather looks fine. Later that day, the clouds, and rain come up. I.p.v. a great sailing / protective tent to build up some rain spoil your vehicle plates. Put it in the gutter and you can move on with your work. All this is done in minutes. Without rain spoil you finished that day and the hours are lost. By using the rain spoil you through work and thus capture the rain spoil you for the lost hours. Often the treating surface is dry, but you will be soaked with rain the roof is dry and you can perform the work.

In the painting, they got the idea to work during a downpour, quickly and easily blocked.

After a period of development and testing, in collaboration with the Technical University in Eindhoven, they have developed a rain cover, rain called robbery. This fits in almost any roof rain gutter.

The main advantage of these plates relative to sailing, is that you bet on these plates when necessary, you do not advance an amount of work to foreclose. This baffles you put in just a few minutes in the gutter and are very easy in another frame to work, here is the great gain in time. You can see it as a stairway or ladder to place a frame, so it is easy to install.

The rain robbery is also excellent to apply in direct sunlight. With the rain spoil create a shady workplace, making a direct influence of the sun on people and products is prevented.

The rain which made theft?

It is made from weatherproof plastic opal color.
Size: 85 cm x 115 cm long, so you create an overhang of ± 1 meter.
Plates are mutually connectable and stackable by vertical V-groove.
The rain roof has two handles so that the sheets are easy to handle and into a gutter construction to apply.

Want more information about this product please check out the site www.rainroof.nl
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