Custom Moulding

Do you need specific packaging for your product? Nutripack Benelux is able to produce any design that you can come up with. With the help of Custom Moulding, we manufacture a variety of custom packaging products for our customers.

Should I provide the design or outsource this?
It’s your choice. If you already have a design, we’ll gladly give you a quote based on the details that you provide. However - if you prefer - we can explore the possibilities of a custom packaging design along with you and advise you about all the do’s and don’ts.

Advantages of Custom Moulding
• Having distinguishable, eye-catching packaging
• More interest in your products
• 100% design freedom

Why Nutripack Benelux?
• Made-to-measure production is no exception to us, it’s the rule
• Our machines are fully compatible with the Custom Moulding system
• Award-winning innovative packaging concepts

Are you curious about Custom Moulding options?
Request an quote now, or contact us to make an appointment.

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BooM Packaging
A selection of our packages
C tray 1/4-50
MZ-C meal dishes
Volume: 260 ml
1/2 Gastro 150
Gastro food packaging
Volume: 8900 ml
MW meal dishes
Volume: 325 / 375 / 500 ml
V-series product packaging
Volume: 1800 ml
Didi dinnerplate
Bon Appétit packaging range
Volume: 600 ml
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In Mould Labeling

With In Mould Labeling (IML), labels are moulded into the plastic material during production. This is much more attractive and much more efficient. It’s ideal for food packaging. It’s even more ideal for packaging for products kept in refrigerators or freezers, where pasted labels often come off, tear or wrinkle due to the conditions.
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Special Effects

Are you looking for an exclusive look? For example a matt logo on glossy food packaging? A unique texture? Or a package featuring a design with a sandblast effect? By labelling the mould, we can create packaging with many special effects, thereby giving them a highly exclusive look. Special Effects are ideal for high-end products such as luxury meals and other food products in the upper segment.
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Soaker pads

Soaker pads for fresh meat, poultry and fish the highest quality for your products!
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